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Take Advantage of Our Client Care Program in 2024

Problem: Looming Estate Tax Law Changes May Affect Your Plan

Solution: Take Advantage of Our Client Care Program in 2024

We offer our unique Client Care Program as part of our ongoing commitment to serve as trusted, lifelong advisors to our clients and to deliver the highest level of service and a quantum leap in value at Lara Sass & Associates, PLLC.  The program is our way of enabling clients to diligently and proactively manage their estate plans.  Our objective is to ensure that our client’s estate plans continue to function properly and meet their objectives at all times.  This ongoing process will avoid the unnecessary taxes, family disputes and diminished legacies that inevitably result from an outdated or improperly administered estate plan.  

The Client Care Program becomes particularly important in 2024, as the current high estate and gift tax exemption (in 2024, $13,610,000 per person or $27,220,000 for a married couple) is scheduled to decrease on January 1, 2026, to about $7 million per person or $14 million for a married couple.  This presents a significant planning opportunity to use the current high exemption amount now and avoid paying an estate or gift tax of 40% on the transfer.  This planning opportunity will disappear after 2025 (unless Congress acts to change the law).  Accordingly, we are pleased to now offer all participants in our Client Care Program unlimited plan changes to existing documents to account for any revisions required as a result of the looming estate tax law changes. 

If you are already enrolled in the program, our new offering will be provided to you as well.  Please note that we will review the rate schedule for the program annually and make any adjustments that we consider appropriate.  (To account for the new, enhanced offering of unlimited plan changes, participants may see a modest increase in their fees.)

If you have not yet signed up for the Client Care Program, or if you have any questions regarding the 2024 updates to the service, please contact our Client Relationship Manager, Paul Edwards, at to enroll.


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