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Trust and Estate Planning for Women: Fresh Podcast from UBS

Lara recently sat down with Hannes Grascher, Senior Vice President at UBS, and Cristina DeBrito, Financial Advisor at UBS Wealth Management, on UBS's podcast, "Through the Wealth Lens". In the discussion, these experts explore the importance of estate planning for women specifically.

Statistics show that most women will ultimately be managing their own finances at some point in their lives, whether they are single, divorced, or have a deceased spouse. The planning of trusts and estates can be complex and sensitive, but that planning is an essential element of proactive wealth management. This thought-provoking conversation sheds some much needed light on concerns that impact women in particular.

Topics include:

  • The value of estate planning for men & women alike

  • Demographic shifts that have increased the likelihood that women will be the arbiters of their personal and familial financial affairs, emphasizing the importance that they have estate plans in place

  • Specific concerns for women of different legal statuses (single, married, divorced, widowed, etc.)

  • Details about estate and gift taxes for both business owners and couples to bear in mind when estate planning

  • Business succession planning

  • Real life examples illustrating the importance of establishing and maintaining up to date documentation and setting your loved ones up for success in the administration of your estate

Be sure to check out the video [] or listen to the audio version on Spotify:

If this podcast brings up anything that you'd like to discuss with regard to your personal estate plan, please email us at or call us at (212) 971-9770.


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