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In most states, like it or not, an 18-year-old is considered a legal adult.  You may be shocked to learn that means that, as a parent, your legal right to make important decisions about your child’s health care and finances is no longer automatic.  Accordingly, especially during the ongoing pandemic, it is imperative that you establish your legal ability to make these decisions before it is too late.  Prior to your child departing for college or otherwise embarking on the next stage of their life, a Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney and HIPAA authorization, at a minimum, should be created and executed.

Health Care Proxy

The Health Care Proxy will allow your adult child to appoint you as their agent to make health care decisions on their behalf, in the event that your child is unable to make those decisions on their own.  In the event of your child’s incapacity or incompetence, as healthcare agent, you would be authorized to make decisions regarding your child’s medical treatment.  

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