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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Thursday, May 12th

Lara Sass & Associates, PLLC cordially invites you to attend the below webinar, “Estate planning for cryptocurrency and NFTs”

“Estate planning for cryptocurrency and NFTs”

o Date: Thursday, May 12th, 2022

o Time: 8:30am-9:00am – Presentation

o Host/Moderator: Jonathan I. Shenkman, AIF®, President, Shenkman Wealth Management

o Speaker: Lara M. Sass, Esq., AEP, Founder, Lara Sass & Associates, PLLC

o Seminar Description: The popularity of cryptocurrency has risen dramatically in recent years. Cryptoassets have monetary value for both estate and tax purposes; however, many do not realize that they need to be carefully considered in estate planning. Because cryptoassets are a relatively new and unique class of assets, skilled guidance is required to effectively account for them in the estate planning process. This webinar will explain the various types of cryptoassets and discuss critical planning and drafting considerations.

o Price: No fee.


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